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Why Innoloop?

Access value-added missions

Our customers and our teams will rely on our AI to identify impartially and without discrimination, the best profiles to carry out the missions. So you do not have to worry about business aspects, you can focus 100% on your mission and your personal development.

Enjoy the benefits of a consulting firm while remaining independent

As a member of the Innoloop network, you are no longer alone. You exchange regularly with our team on your career, your strengths, skills to develop and your expectations (availability, mobility, pace of missions, ...). Our team is in charge of ensuring the follow-up and the balance of your mission in all transparency. In addition, you can interact with your peers, participate in conferences, workshops, seek the advice or advice of other network members via the discussion forums of our platform.

How it works

Registration and selection

  • Sending your resume
  • Selection interview
  • Signature of the Charter or Framework Agreement (including confidentiality clauses ...)
  • Creating your detailed profile on our platform
  • Innoloop Training

Opportunities and missions

  • Proposed opportunities targeted by Innoloop
  • Customer RV preparation
  • contractualization
  • Mission monitoring and assessment

Exchange, sharing, training

  • Helpdesk
  • FAQs Experts
  • Discussion Forums
  • Access to conferences and workshops
  • Innoloop interlocutor dedicated for a personalized follow-up


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